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Kia Soul AM 1.6 cvvt 93kw
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Often when it rained or snowed, the speedometer needle swayed.
For example, you drove 50km / h but the needle swayed from 20-70km.
I didn't understand, but he got used to it.

The speedometer died completely this winter. It worked sometimes, but mostly it didn't.
I replaced the speed sensor on the transmission. Without success.
He checked the cables. Without success.
He disassembled the dashboard. Without success.
He addressed the car electricians. He refused the job and advised me to come to terms with the problem. It is said to be cheaper.

Once it started to rain a lot, the speedometer came to life.
When the car dried, the speedometer was dead.
The speedometer only worked when I drove through several puddles.

After several days of testing, I bring you the result.

The dirt on the ABS sensors is to blame for everything I've written here.
I sprayed the wheel arches with a wapka and cleaned the sensors.

The problem is fixed.

The speedometer problem is often repeated on all Kia cars.
ABS sensors affect the correct function of the speedometer. Think about it!
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