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2012 Kia Sportage EX 4dr SUV (2.4L 4cyl 6A)
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I am really hoping someone can help me- I have been searching for days and have called 2 dealerships and no one seems to have any idea what to order. My radio started having an issue about a month ago where it would not go off- the radio stayed on even after the engine was off and key removed. I was worried about my battery draining so I read to reseat the audio fuse inside the car (left drivers wheel, fuse box on driver side inside the car). I went to remove the audio fuse which is like a 1 inch by 1/2 inch adapter plug that contains the fuse(s) but because my hand is big and the area is small it slipped out of my hand and went into the twilight zone. I spent hours looking for the fuse/adapter/thing but it was gone.

Now the radio, rear camera, interior lights, power locks, turn signals don't work. Like half the car. No one seems to know what to order/buy to get this fixed. Can I just put in two fuses (even though on the manual it says 20A Radio there are TWO slots like two fuses would go there). Could someone please let me know what this part is called so I can order it? I am on the verge of taking my car to Kia and showing them or going to a junkyard and finding another one.

Thank you!
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