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Hello all.
new member here, having a problem with a 2012 Rio 5, hoping someone can guide me int he right direction.

The Rio is my wifes car. She was recently pulled over by a police officer because her license plate lights are not working. I pulled both bulbs and sure enough, both were blown. So, I put in two new bulbs, but they still aren't working.
I checked the fuses, they are all good.
So, I am assuming there is some manner of a wiring issue somewhere.
My idea to fix this, until I have time to do it properly, is to cut the wires to the license plate lights and splice them into her tail light wires. thusfor, any time the tail lights are on, so are the license plate lights.

Problem is, I cannot find a wiring diagram anywhere.

Can anyone offer any assistance? on the sockets for the left and right sides of the rear lights, which wires are the hot (pos +) wires for the tail lights? also, which colors are the hot for the license plate lights?

Has anyone else had this issue?

further info, I dont remember which trim model it is called, but it is pretty much a base model. about the only options are power windows and locks, and auto trans. it doesn't even have cruise control. It is the 5 door model USA car, no HIDs or LEDs or anything like that.

thanks so much for any help.

will also say, after looking around this site for about an hour, It really made my mind spin. I use to build and install custom stereo systems, did custom fiberglass work, several LCD TV installations, etc in cars, trucks and mini vans, as well as custom paint and air brushing on motor cycles.
I started getting ideas on ways to mod her car, but, likelyhood is, she would kill me if I touched it.
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