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Hi. We have a Kia Sorrento 04 LX. We have been experiencing electrical problems.
1.Started 6 months ago in that the car would lock itself with key in ignition when the last open door was closed. Then it would lock the doors after driving on the highway for 30 minutes during the drive.
2.Then the next thing was that the car would not start if it had been sitting for a while.
After depressing clutch a few times it would start. Clutch switch was replaced and it worked for 4 days then again only only started at a specific clutch position. Clutch switch was bypassed and it started every time.
3. The newest and scariest thing is that the car would be sitting in the garage after being driven that day and the starter would self engage and the vehicle would jump forward. By the time we noticed this the battery had depleated and the car had moved ahead 3 feet and was stopped by the house wall. The noise of the car hitting the wall is what made us aware of the problem. The garage was full of smoke and a dark thick oily substance was on the floor.
The last thing is what really concerns us. Any ideas? Could the transmission have been damaged through this?

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Sounds like your starter relay is either sticking or is being forced to engage...
The dark oily substance may be from the starter overheating...
This would end up draining the battery.. The smoke was from the starter getting too hot and the insulation on the internal wires burning.
I read where some of the earlier Sorrentos had problems with wiring in the driver's side plastic kick panel (down by your left foot)...Water would get into this area (from roof hatch) and then corrosion would cause all kind of problems with the electrical system.
Try looking there...
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