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This is a very common problem on 1998 and newer Sportages. The issue is the electrical connectors to the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), IAC (Idle Control Valve) and MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor). These connectors develop high resistance over time and the usual symptom is a high and uncontrolled idle...upwards of 3000 RPM, and usually NO check engine light.

The TPS is located where the intake pipe meets the throttle body. Connector facing towards front. The IAC is on the intake pipe directly over the exhaust cam. Electrical connector facing straight up. The MAS is the round plastic unit right after the air filter. Electrical connector on the backside.

The fix: You can pull off the connectors and clean them and recrimp them. This will fix it...for a while. It will come back eventually. The best fix is drastic but it fixes it permanently and it is what I did and never had the problem again. Cut off the electrical connectors and solder the wires directly to tabs on each sensor. This requires knowledge and skill in proper soldering techniques. And you also have to use a dremel to cut away part of the plastic around each sensor to gain access to the tabs. But it works.

One other thing to check. Make sure the ground wire between the battery tray and the intake manifold is in good shape. Connections clean and tight. A poor ground here will also cause wacko idle problems.
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