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2007 Kia Rondo EX-V6 Luxury, 1990 Suzuki Escudo
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Hi guys,

Just an fyi in case anyone needs a sun visor vanity light bulb, the 2007 Rondo uses a Philips festoon style bulb that is apparently discontinued.

I asked Kia parts for one and they sent me to aftermarket sources. After quite an odyssey I found no parts places that have the exact bulb. I did find some new old stock (nos) bulbs on ebay but they wanted a small fortune.

I went to a different Kia dealership and surprisingly they ordered the bulb for me, I was a bit relived. The bulbs that came in however were incorrect - way too big.

They sourced special order bulbs for me after I gave them exact dimensions with photographs and digital calipers. A 50 cent bulb became $11! The original Kia part number they give is 1864510009N and is $2.59 but ends up being the wrong bulb. Part number 852023E012 is the one that fits half descent but is expensive. At least we finally have light!

Ticking me off is the fact that the light fixture in the visor was noted as defective in my vehicle, but the dealership did nothing but "tweak" it under warranty. The first problem was the light didn't come on. Kia did something to the fixture but then it occasionally wouldn't turn off, that's why the bulb burned out in the first place. I had to take it apart myself and fix it so the light wouldn't stay on. We're long past warranty now.

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