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Suddent battery drainage - Sorento 2013

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Since last week, the battery on my Sorento 2013 begun to drain itself. It will not hold a charge for more then 3 days.
The only change I made recently was to replace the high beam lamp that was burnt.

Another behavior I observe is that whenever I start the vehicule (after boosting the battery or not) the radio system would not respond. Can not change channels nor turn down/up volume, either from the radio or the on steering command buttons. Only pressing the “modes” button seems to get it out f this fit.

Clues anyone?
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You probably have a bad battery, and/or bad battery cable connections, and/or a bad alternator. You may have a drain or short in your car also. You need to check the voltage and the amp draw before you try to start it. The low voltage is wiping the memory in your radio and jumping the battery is not a good idea with new cars as you can damage other electrical components, like your radio.
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