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Stylish and Safe

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The height adjustable driver seat is a very dear option :)…my husband is 6’4 while I am 5’6 so ..this option really seats both of us and also the height . it also haz plentyyy of leg room and an impact absorbing air coloumn as well. All in all spectra is stylish and safe.
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I usually dirve 5 to 600 km per week and I don have any complains uptil now. :) It’s very dependable and exceptional . handling a spectra is easy and convenient. The fuel consumption is a bit more than I can usually afford . the seats are very supportive and there is enough leg and hip room in driver’s seat. I luv my baby :p
Dum did a di daa..…!! I’ve gotaa a spectraaaa..! da day before.. I took it on a test drive first and found it nice and cozy. Suited my budget tooo..i tried driving it up on a hillside but that’s where it betrays me :( consumes a lot of power, isn’t that responsive. But I m satisfied anyway
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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