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Hello friends.
I have a KIA Seed SW 2015. Over the last few days, I have encountered an electricity failure Alternately which caused the car to be entirely disconnected from electric power. Initially i feared it was a battery. Because there were intermittent power cuts ...but the battery is from 2018 so it is unlikely to be from it. After opening the hood, I realized that the box that sits on the plus is a little loose and probably that's what makes the electricity to disconnects. I realized that when i am touching and playing with that box the electricity is coming back. I tried to tighten the screw to the left of the positive pole all the way to the maximum, but it did not help. still, the whole system stays loose and basically revolves around the pole on which it sits. It is not coming out from the pole, but it does revolve around it. In my humble opinion it should not be that way. any ides what can be done with my own hands to fix it? anybody encountered also such a problem?

Thanks in advance

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