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Kia Pro_Ceed 1.4 CVVT
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So I've had my new Pro_Ceed 2013 now for nearly two months and done some 2000 miles just the usual city driving. Since it left the shop I've been noticing two distinct noise issues. The car is the 1.4 petrol version with stock 16" alloy rims and Hankook summer tires.

The first one is coming from the rear, sound very much like a bad bearing or something. More of a droning noise. It's very noticeable even at low speeds, so I don't believe it's the tires. It only goes away when I come to a complete stop and changes only slightly with speed, perhaps a bit louder when driving on bad or very coarse roads.

The second noise is I believe coming from the transmission, it's like a whining noise, similar to a turbo. At first I only noticed it when driving in fifth gear, but now it seems to be present in every gear, mostly in the 2000 - 3000 rpm range. It goes away if I depress the clutch, so I don't think it's the engine. The sound is even more noticeable when decelerating in gear, but can also be heard when accelerating.

I know I should visit the dealer and probably will sometime this month, but I fear they will try to dismiss these problems as being normal or not serious. But it's driving me nuts and I no longer look forward to my rides so I think if they fail or won't fix these issues that I'm probably going to sell the car, obviously with a loss.

So anyone have any idea what these issues might be or if anyone has experienced anything similar?
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