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I have a 2002 Spectra with about 120,000 miles, auto trans, standard stuff. It has always run well until yesterday AM. The car would not start, it would turn over very well which is normal but no "Fire in the hole".

It does not have spark most of the time every once in a awhile it will pop or poof.

The plugs are always dry and I cannot hear the fuel pump run at all. I pulled up the rear seat and checked the connection and to listen. The connections are good but I can not make the pump make "running" sounds no matter what I try, cranking or just cycling the ignition key.

We placed some gasoline in all four plug holes and it produced nothing at all.

The radio and Clock do not come on.

all the fuses both under the hood and inside the car have been checked for continuity with a meter, they test good.

Everything else seems to be working as it should. the lights, inside and out all works as expected,

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Check the "ROOM" fuse inside the car in the fuse panel (plastic cover) just to the left of the steering column. It provides "memory" and some other functions for both the radio and the clock. Another thought ...The radio and the clock are controlled by the ACC and ON positions of the ignition switch. (They shut off with the car in the Off position). Does your blower motor for heat and AC run? Check for +12v on both sides of the RADIO fuse with the ignition on. Sounds like possibly the ignition switch may have gone bad... BUT...We have not had any posts here that I cam remember about a bad IGN switch. That would make sense as it also provides a "turn-on signal" to the ECM and the ECM provides the signals to the fuel pump relay/fuel injectors/spark coils.
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