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2003 Kia Optima
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I have a 2003 Kia Optima 2.4 originally it was throwing a tps code, and would not go faster then 10 mph. Replaced the TPS. Still not shifting out of first. Then it would stall going up hill. The fuel pump fuse was fine. Replaced the fuel pump, intake fuel filter and breather screen all of which were orginal to the car so I do not feel bad about that. Then the sending unit died. So had to replace the whole assembly, but hey now the next time the fuel pump needs replacing I have the spare. It starts again, yeah.

I can start it in park the engine revs just fine. Idles a little rough at the end but there is fuel getting to the engine. I put it in drive and it won't shift out of first. I tried a new MAP sensor and cleaned the IAC valve. Still getting the same behavior. I replaced the MAF sensor with a remanufactured part. It still revs in park. Engage drive and it runs. The car will not shift to second. When the engine warms up it stalls every few feet. Pressing the gas pedal again in park the engine revs. In drive it stalls. The Temp gauge does not show the engine running hot.

Is this a bad PCM?
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