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Step-by-step instructions for removing roof antenna?

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Anyone got step-by-step instructions of how to remove the roof antenna? And with that I do NOT mean "1) Grab antenna and rotate it counter clockwise. 2) Done!". :p

I want to remove the entire thing, including the "socket"/"holder"/"mount" or whatever it is called.

Search the forum, search the net. Couldn't find anyone explaining how to do this...but maybe I suck at searching.
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There are some instructions available on KIATechInfo that you'd have to piece together from different sections. Basically you'll have to remove rear part of the headliner to be able to get to the connectors and the nut that holds the base of the antenna. Disconnect the quick connectors from the power cable and the antenna feeder cable. Once both are disconnected, just remove the nut that holds the base to the vehicle and you're done. Installation is just the opposite.
That's what I was afraid of, having to tear down the headliner. I think I'll just have to black out the white roof panels behind the glass roof without removing the antenna. And no I'm not painting it, only vinyl so no worries. :)
Hehehe, I had vinyl applied to that roof panel too! The installer was able to pull down enough of the weatherseal on the hatch to pull down just enough of the headliner to reach the connectors and the base. I think he just loosened the retaining nut just enough to run the vinyl underneath the antenna base...I was in their waiting room enjoying their free wi-fi.
does anyone have idea how much does it cost? I met the same problem broke my antenna base.
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