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Hi All

First post from a newbie with a tale of woe. I have a 2003 (53) plate Sedona with the 2.9 CRDi engine & 5 speed auto box that I bought in May 2012. It has less than 70,000 miles in the clock and is in generally great condition. Just before Christmas my wife told me that a red warning light had come on the dashboard. I checked it out and whe sediment light had come on. I checked about and was advised the there was probably water in the fuel filter. I draned the filter, primed it and started the car. the sediment light stayed off for about 10 seconds and then came back on. I did the same again and the same thing happened. I bought and fitted and new fuel filter and the car ran fine for a coupel of days until my wife said to me that the Sendona wasn't starting like it used to. I checked it out and the Sedona was still starting but turned over a few good times before it caught. Then another couple of days later my wife said to me that the enging check light on the dashboard kept on coming on and going off. I used my OBD2 diagnostic tool and it reported that the MIL light was off, there were no fault codes stored and no fault codes pending.

The next day the car wouldn't start. It wasn't even coughing like it wanted to start, it just turned over. Me and a mate took the intercooler off and checked that there was fuel reaching the injectors - there was (it was obvious that 2 of the 4 injectors had been replaced as they were really shiny). Checked the heater in the inlet manifild was working - it was. The one thing we did notice was that there was quite a lot of air in the fuel filter. We bled the filter and the injection pump but the car still wouldn't start. We put it all back together again and I thought I would try it one more time And it fired first time. We took it for a test drive and the car drove as it should but the Check Light came on at just before 2000 rmp and went off when the car changed up gears - it did this all the way through the gears.

As it was now just before Chrsitmas I thought I would leave it until after Christmas to get it fixed properly as the car wasn't going to be used that much over the festive period. The next day the car wouldn't start. It stood in the driveway for the rest of the day and when I came home from work tried it again and it fired first time. The engine Check Light still did the same thing and, again when I checked it with my OBD tool no faults.

Next day it wouldn't start so had it towed to my local garage. I told the garage that I didn't want to spend more than £350 on getting it fixed (figuring I'd get a diagnosis and an attempted repair for my cash). I also thought that once the £350 had been reached the garage would phone to let me know - little did I know.

Anyway the garage messed about with it, repaired the fuel delivery system (new lines etc.), put a new crank shaft position sensor on it and gave me it back with a bill for £500 which at this point I didn't pay. I collected it from the garage, took it home, parked it for 30 minutes and then went to drive my daughter somewhere and it wouldn't start. Spoke to the garage and was told that it could be many other things (injectors, fuel injection pump, ecu?). I queried the bill and was told to either return the car for more chargeable repairs, pay the bill or give the garage the car in lieu of the bill.

As I didn't want to give the car to the garage for further repairs (finite cash) or in lieu of the bill (must be able to get more than £500 if i sold or broke it) I paid the bill.

The garage told me that the car would start of I used easy start on it. I've tried this twice and it has started both times. As my wife drives this car the most I can't haver her driving it and having to use easy start on it when it's cold but on the other hand I don't want to plough more money into it (that I don't really have) and still have problems with it. The other thing is the worry about the car becoming easy start dependent.

Has anyone come accross anything like this before or have any advice/ assistance they could offer?

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