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:D I became the owner of a Kia Sedona last Friday 22nd of October bought new from my local KIA dealership. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the collection would go smoothly. I drove my trusty Saab 900s (1996) P reg for the last time wondering if I was doing the right thing by part exchanging this car that had seen me almost trouble free for over 136,000 miles since new.

The reason for trading up, was for the same reasons as most of us I guess? Changes in life with more diverse requirements needed from a car used every day. My wife and I have a very hectic and demanding life style (don't we all).
I have spent the past year and a half using my other vehicle, a VW transporter van for practically most of the week. This is mainly due to it being more cost effective on fuel being a diesel. My wife used the Saab (my car) for taking our two children to school, going shopping, hauling our children's school friends around, and so on, and so on....

Anyway, the time arrived as the Saab was becoming less cost effective to run and less of a multi purpose and space friendly vehicle as our requirements were placing too much of a tall order for the Saab to match. We decided that we had to have a more spacious and more cost effective vehicle to run. Oh!, and it had to be diesel! We looked at Ford's new people carrier, the Galaxy. Nice to look at from the outside, not bad on the inside, but the engine sounded as unrefined as it's family member the Transit van. How do I know this? Because I had one in the 90's when a field engineer, and nothing by the sound of things had changed in the world of Ford, not much at all.
So dissapointed with the Galaxy, I looked elsewhere in the MPV market. I looked at Seat, VW, Renault, Mitsubishi, and Vauxhaull. None of these were any more impressive, although saying that if the price had been a bit more realistic, I would have seriously considered the VW Sharan.

I got tangled up in price against build quality with main dealer salesmen, and by the end of what seemed an exhaustive and very long and never ending search, a friend of mine said, "have you considered a KIA?".

I had not really thought of KIA being even a make of vehicle I should have taken into account, or even considered? I laughed briefly and a thought bubble appeared above my head with a cartoon picture of a Skoda joke about to be cracked!

But instead of laughing out loud, I thought about it and the following day I found the number of my nearest Kia dealership and made arrangments to call in and take a more closer look at what there was on offer in the mpv market.

When I arrived at the dealership, I walked into the show room and saw for the first time the new shape Kia Sedona. This one was in Silver and had an air intake on the front resembling one seen under the nose of a fighter jet aircraft. It looked a bit over dressed for a Kia I thought, but even looks can be deceiving?

A salesman walked over which was a change from the days of being clubbed over the head as you only just glanced in through a window when passing the front of a showroom, and dragged inside and not being able to leave until you had signed a document to purchase.
I was even more pleasantly surprised when the salesman informed me that the Sedona was equipt with a powerful 2.9 TD common rail diesel engine!
I was also impressed at the styling inside and out, and asked for a test drive.
The salesman inspected my trusty Saab for an evaluation whilst I went off in the Sedona. Like my Saab it was also automatic. Not that it was a neccesity to have an auto. I like manuals too, and passed my test in one, I drive my VW van most of the time which is manual? It was just what I went out in, and was pleased to let the car drive me whilst I studied the controls and my new surroundings inside the Sedona. I only wish that the dealers put more fuel in the vehicles they use for road tests. I know it is probably to minimise how long you spend out on a test drive about running out of fuel and not going too far in case of a long walk back. But I was actually so surprised in how this MPV drove that I did not want to go back to the dealer. Anyway, I did return back and we talked a good deal with part exchanging the Saab, some free optional extras to be installed in the Sedona, tax etc, I was very pleased to say the least. Obviously before buying I had the insurance all sorted etc for when I picked it up. But one thing that I hope will continue until I consider the next vehicle upgrade is that this Sedona will continue to give :D for a few years and thousands of trouble free motoring as my Saab?
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