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I should think you guys have heard it all before but here goes !
I apologise if this has been covered before but after scouring the forum I couldn't find anything to match - maybe I'm doing it wrong. I have a modicum of mechanical ability having rebuilt an MG Midget (sic) from scratch but modern cars with computers are a different story.
This Sportage SX is a 2000 model and has been dry stored for the best part of 7 months. It was running just fine when last used.
The problem: The car is very difficult to start with the key but will start quite easily with a push start. Once started the engine will run comfortably for about 10-15 minutes at which point it overheats causing bubbling and coolant overflow from the expansion bottle cap. I'm not sure if I have 1 or 2 different problems here.
Any help greatly appreciated.

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First thing I'd try is a radiator cap...They do fail and with out the proper pressure the engine will over heat. The fluid coupled mechanical fan blades are also a problem in Sportages...the most common cure for the original fans is replace them with a temperature controlled electric fan.
There are many different things that go along with earlier Sportages and you really should force yourself to read the posts here.. We haven't archived them so there is a lot to search.

One of the most commonly posted items is "My Sportage doesn't start easily". That can be low compression,a weak battery supplying too low voltage for electronics when cranking, bad temperature sensors supplying the wrong temps and fooling the ECM into changing air/fuel mixture, gas tank purge valves sticking...The list goes on and on...

What can help us is supplying the error codes stored in the ECM.. AutoZONE or Advance will "pull" the code for free...Then post them here with the car's mileage, type of transmission, 2WD/4WD, items replaced recently, and your general location. This is a "Global" forum and we get models from all over the world....some gas....some diesel... some we never heard of (but not often).

If you check posts from this past week you will find 1994~2001 Sportages with problems very similar to yours and suggestions on repair..
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