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sportage 4wd td 2.0 2001 error codes

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Hi, today i tried to check for errorson my 2001 sportage 4wd td 2.0,and these errors appeared to me

VEED - a.mp4

i think the errors are:

10 Intake Air Temperature Sensor.
25 Pressure Regulator Control Solenoid Valve.
32 ?
33 ?
2 Distributor no Signal
49 Power Stage Group 2 Malfunction (inside ECM). Idle Speed Control Valve Failure or Damaged Power Stage.

somebody have the same problems? what's i must check?
the car have difficulty starting when is cold (need to rev some second when starting) and until the car is hot, at 2000rpm, rev go up and down (200-300 rpm approximately)

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