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I recently bought a 2012 Sportage model (in South Africa) with integrated DVD SatNav system, DVR (not working ???) and iPod connection. However, I have an issue with connecting to iPod (1st generation)/iPhone (4S). The supplied Kia cable for the iPod/iPhone that plugs into a special socket works fine and charges either phone or iPod. However, according to manual (which is very basic) the iPod should show up on home screen and I should be able to "get into it". However, whatever I try, nothing. Both with phone and ipod. Any suggestions ?
If I connect using Bluetooth, its working fine.

Also on the DVR (TV) option, I live in South Africa and does anyone know if this is supported or limited by region ? When I select this, I get the message "video disconnected".
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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