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One of the few but persistent and irritating problems with my RHD 2008 Sportage 2.0 has been the repeated failure of the central locking control switches on the driver side and front passenger side. I had already replaced the driver side switch module with an EBay part (the switch module has 4 power window switches + the window lock and the central locking switch) and also did the same for the pax side about a year ago. The driver side failed again so I opened up the previous failed part (lucky I kept it) to see what the problem is.

It's quite easy to unclip the module box to access the green PCB (printed circuit board). The central locking switch is a simple slider on the PCB and can be carefully unclipped on each end to open it up. I found that the central part of the copper contact strip was caked up with dirt (dried out electrical lube?) hence the loss of electrical continuity and failure to operate. After cleaning up the contacts and reassembling, I swapped this back into the car for the failed unit and it now works just fine.

These switch modules are available online, eg: from China for about USD15 - 20 including shipping but these are mainly for LHD cars (the switch positions are reversed Left to Right) and not compatible for RHD. This repair is another option for anyone with a little time to spare (it takes about 20 - 30 minutes longer to clean up the slider switch as the door panels etc have to be removed either way).

Hope this repair method might be useful for others with a similar problem.

For anyone wanting to try this, here is the sequence of steps involved:
1. Remove the door panel (5 screws including the one behind the door handle) and carefully pull out the bottom of the panel (unclip), remove the plastic triangle at the door mirror and unclip the handle cover (small slot at the front of the panel). Lift out the door panel. Unclip the electrical connections.
2. Carefully unclip the entire door switch panel from the underside. There is lip at the front so it has to be pushed out from the rear first (where it's held by a spring clip) while using a flat head screwdriver to release the clips on each side. (IMHO, this is the best way to avoid cosmetic damage to the surface of the switch panel.)
3. Once the panel is out, remove the long black rectangular switch module (which is clipped to the underside of the switch panel).
4. Unclip the small window lock push-button at its base and remove it (the other buttons do not need to be removed). Remove 3 screws and unclip the base of the module to gain access to the green PCB.


5. The slider switch is at the front end of the PCB (on the right in the photo). Using eg: a small flat head screwdriver, push the clip off the end furthest from the LED light. (Note these photos are for a RHD PCB and will be reversed for LHD units.)


6. Then wiggle the cover off the LED wires at the other end in order to access the internal part of the switch.

There are 3 contact patches inside - at each end and the middle part which in my case was completely "black" (the slider itself has 2 contact points that bridge these). Use a flat scraper and / or a little contact cleaner to clean up the middle section back to a clean copper colour.
7. Reassemble in reverse order, setting the 2 slider switches (central locking and driver window) to the white centreline marks on the PCB so the buttons line up and engage correctly.
8. Test the switch module before fitting the door panel back - to make sure it works and that all connections are good!


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Thanks for sharing the info, hopefully won't need it, but very useful nonetheless :)
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