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Sportage 2000 Idle rpm keeps rising and downing until stops

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Hi guys i got an old Sportage 2000 which gives me 6 DTC codes, I already changed the MAF, IAC and Throttle position sensor, but I adjust it to 900 Rpm and the its rises and goes down,I post pics of what it shows me on the ELM scanner maybe any one have an idea or maybe had the same issue

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Those are the readings i got from the scanner I tried erase them but ,the check engine returns after a few minutes its rounds from 1000 to 800 rpm and suddenly stops the car and is hard turn it back on,just as info I tried to block the IAC valve and that way the car runs but gives issues on starting I did it just did as a test.

I don't have the service manual or some so I just working blind and watching some vids on the net,I hope that someone can give me a tip or some I will appreciate it.
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