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Spectra Fusebox Problem

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Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good fix. My story is as follows:

We bought a Spectra LS in early 2002 in Malaysia. Since the purchase, we've been having intermittent starting problems - the vehicle would simply fail to start. The symptoms would be similar to a battery failure, but after several minutes of embarrasing fiddling, the car would start as per normal.

We'd already sent the car back to the Kia center, but given the intermittent nature of the problem, we ended up getting it back with a hefty service bill only to have the problem recur a few days later.

Earlier, we'd even suspected the immobilizer was faulty, and so also had it disconnected. Now here's the kicker:

One time we called Kia service, they referred us to the AAM - the Malaysian AA. Turns out the problem is actually VERY COMMON with Spectra models, and involves removing and reinserting a fuse. Apparently the AAM had logged as many as a HUNDRED similar calls in January of this year ALONE. What gives? Is this a common problem? Since Kia has since become reluctant to accept the car, is there a workaround which doesn't involve popping the hood each time it happens?

Please help. It's very embarrasing. Needless to say, after this experience, I'm not inclined to purchase or recommend a Kia to anyone ever again. I'm extremely dissapointed with the Kia experience from a service and engineering point of view.

Any help appreciated.
Chee Lam
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I would think it might be a ground problem. check all the ground wires to make sure there arent any corroded or not tight.

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