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2005 Kia Spectra
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As far as upgrades from the previous model go, here are a couple of good online links that describe them:
(Note: This is the article that got me into the dealership.)
(Note: This photo gallery contrasts the new to old if you click on the 'NEXT' button on the left hand side)

As for me, I'm really enjoying my new Spectra EX after 4 months of ownership.

Check out some pics and info I uploaded of my ride:

I've also posted a lot of my KIA new-car experiences up on the Edmunds Spectra/Cerato board starting here:[email protected]@.ef16f96/350

Currently, my car's odometer reads 4,400 miles, and I've only had one minor thing (3rd brakelight LED) need replaced. I don't think that's too shabby based on some of the online laments of owners of older non-Hyundai based KIA products!

One nit that I have to pick is that the gas mileage won't blow you away with this car. I haven't cracked 30 yet on the highway (even though I've got the better rated 4-speed automatic), and it averages more around 24 mpg even though my 30 mile commute has many stretches of unbroken road. I'm hoping that the mileage may pick up a bit around 10k miles or so, based on some online postings I've seen.

In any case, go Spectra and go KIA!

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