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I took delivery of my new Picanto SE yesterday (it's great so far), but the factory fit speakers are a little "boomy" for my liking (with it only having 2 small dash level tweeters in the front).
What speakers would anyone here suggest (preferbly 2 way co-ax) for replacing the front and rears which will provide good clear sound and fairly high volume and provide good bass response without distortion? also, what size?
Since I only anticipate keeping the car for a year or so, I don't want to goto the hassle of wiring in an amp and sub, so they'll be powered off a JVC 45w x 4 (peak power) head unit.

Also, all models over here come with mp3 cd player as standard, so you think kia would provide somewhere specially designed for storing CD's? Well, I can't find anywhere - am I missing a hidden hole somewhere?

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