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Spare Tyre

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In the Uk the picanto does not come with a spare tyre. Has this caused a problem for anyone?

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The spare wheel kit is available as an option, they can't be supplied as standard due to some odd emissions thing.
Nedludd is a familiar name... don't own a saab do you?
I have phoned my local dealer to order a spare wheel as I think I can change the wheel quicker than trying to work that puncture kit!

Went over a deep pothole and the tyre went flat. Used the tyre kit and drove 1 mile but the valve had been damaged so the foam came out of it and then sealed up, so i couldn't blow it up again. Need to buy a spare.
Spare tyre kit cost me around £95 and seems a steal. Even get to keep the inflater - useful for a number of things. Seems a no-brainer to me and a much more safety orientated thing to have, especially if you puncture in the dark. Love the way the wheel trims are behind the wheel nuts - no chance of them being lost while driving. Replacements are cheap as well, at around £8 a corner.
I wondered how much Kia would charge for replacement wheel trims, my girlfriend has a Picanto GS and has kerbed a couple, I have alloys on my SE so she wont be driving my Picanto until she kicks the habit of hitting kerbs! :huh:

Was not keen about the puncture repair kit.Once you use the sealant,you will have to replace the tyre after 120 miles.Much better to have a spare.I just got mine,at the cost of £95 plus VAT
Is £95 the cost for a full size steel spare ? Anything else included eg inflator, jack ?
£95 ish includes a complete spare wheel kit, everything to secure it in the boot, inc jack, wheel brace etc.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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