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Southern California: 2016 Kia Sorento OEM 17" Wheels & Tires - only 857 miles

* 4 tires (235/65/17 Kumho Crugen tires, 104H rating)
* 4 OEM Kia 17" silver alloy wheels
* 4 OEM TPMS sensors
* 4 OEM Kia center caps

This wheel and tire package all came stock with my 2016 Kia Sorento LX, which was newly purchased a couple of weeks ago, and now only have 857 miles on them. The reason why I replaced them was because I upgraded to 19" wheels. All tires are already mounted and plastic wrapped with America's Tires bags, so you can travel with them without damaging your vehicle's interior. Please note that lug nuts are not included, but just use your existing lugs. This set should fit current and previous Kia Sorento vehicles and probably other vehicles (e.g., Kia Sedona), but check with your local shop or dealership. The sensors should work in new models, but it's unclear if they'll work in older vehicles.

Cost of wheels if purchased from the dealer $1600.00 set
Cost of tires if purchased new $450.00 set
Cost of caps and tpms sensors if purchased $250.00 set
If you purchased this entire set new from the dealer, it would be $2300.00

But you can buy my set for only $800.00. Pictures can be made available upon request. I have a perfect eBay record. I'd prefer to not ship, but I'm willing to for an additional $200 (this is what I was charged when I purchased 4 tires online). Send me a PM if interested.

I live in a gated community only a couple of blocks away from Claremont University and the police station. The tires are in my garage, which is visible to the entire community. People are often walking their kids or dogs, with complex staff also about.

Finish: Silver Painted
Wheel dimensions: 17x7 or 17" x 7"
Bolt/lug nut pattern: 5x4.5
Hollander no.: 97281
Manufacturer part no.: 52910-C5110

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Hey Mike: My wife does not know I'm getting these wheels so I need to communicate via my cell at 760-716-8383. I though by your message you wanted them out of your garage asap. Give me a call please
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