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I would like to inform any of you that the US sorento that has the trailer wiring harness built in is wired for a 7 way set-up.
I bet a 7 way is avail in Europe.

The part that is available from the dealer is only a 4 way. They say that is all that is available. An adapter is avail that will convert the 4 way into a 7 way with some additional wires that need to be tapped into.
The good news is that with that harness the factory provides includes the remaining wires needed for the 7 way. I only needed the back up light wire to deactivate my surge brakes but I tested the other leads as well.
The wire you need for this is the blue wire that is in the top right corner. I clipped that wire before the harness(because there is no pin inside the actual harness that you purchase). This blue wire is the back up light wire. I hope this helps some of you and makes your wiring a bit easier to set up. It wound up being a very clean install and looks very professional.
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