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Greetings fellow Sorento owners,

So I could sure use some help.
My Sorento is an '06 3.5L LX RWD with 170k miles.
I went to start the car one morning and it wouldn't turn over.
I drained the battery trying to start. I replaced the battery because it was old, and was able to get it to start.
Once it did it immediately started to misfire.

Step two, got a handheld, and tested. Read a misfire on PO305, cylinder 5 misfire, and a PO154 Oxygen sensor code, which I'm sure is from the misfire.

Step 3, checked for spark, replaced plugs anyway, and checked resistance of plug wires. All of them seemed about the same.

Step 4,
Checked compression and was getting in the 200's in each cylinder. So seemed super good.

step 5, pulled injectors, cleaned and tested all leads, getting fuel on all, and even switched over the problem cylinder injector with a known "good" injector.

inspected valves, and all seem to move correct.

step 6, switched coil packs with known good cylinder.

Still getting the exact same results.
What am I missing?
Could anyone suggest a next step before sending to mechanic.
I'm a musician, so funds are tight, and I'm diligently trying to figure out before I have to find a trustworthy mechanic.
Thanks everyone,

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fault code

PO154 heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) 2-no activity detected. possible cause wiring, (HO2S),ECM
PO305 cylinder 5-misfire detected.possible cause engine mechanical fault.wiring,ignition/fuel system.injector,ECT/MAF sensor. ECM
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