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This is my first welcome post. I have an 04 sorento ex , white with gold trim, 15,000 perfect miles...I recently had the factory radio removed and an eclipse avn 2454 loooks factory installed..the 6.5 in screen fits the dash opening to a tee. yes it was expensive, but because there is a newer model out, it was 800 dollars cheaper than 4 months ago..6 months ago i replace the wimpy factory amp un der the drivers seat with an alpine 320..i ran fine on factory wiring and doubled the bass response..there are good speakers in the doors,just not enough power to push them..the eclipse just connected tp the rca amp and i was offf and running..being able to play a 10 hour mp3 is nice...Now the car realy lookslike a Lexus
its too bad kia doesn't offer the delphi unit... :
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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