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Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum so please be gentle!
I have a 2004 3.5 V6 XS (great car) owned since Aug. Soon after buying it I noticed that the engine cooling fan remained on (and actually drained my battery). Replaced the relay in the engine compartment and now the fan does bot come on at all. Engine seems to get very hot, but guage shows normal! Any ideas would be great as worried this could ruin my engine and does not seem right.

The other problems are more "niggles" than anything else, but would be great to resolve:-
1. Clock is 'intermittant/not working'. Is it easy to replace?
2. Heated seat does not work
3. Electric aerial "wobbles" when up!.

Any help/assistance in resolving these issues would be really appreciated, as I really love this car!
Many thanks
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