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Well, Cooldon, have you purchased your Amanti by now? I have mine since Jan 2004 and have almost 23,000 happy miles. If you do have yours, how do you like it? I love mine!
Jim, the 2004 & 2005 Amanti's are very similar. The 2005 has a dashboard indicator about the passenger airbag and the trim around the center armrest is no longer faux wood, but plastic, (I personally like the '04 better). The suspension problems of a few of the earlier Amanti's seems to have been addressed successfully and I believe the latter '04's should be fine.

In fact I just got mine fixed, (built in '03) as I had the "balls shaken in a tennis tube" suspension noise coming from the front. The bushings and sleeves were replaced and now I look for bumps, because the car is dead quiet now. It's great!!
I cannot think of any car that is so wonderful to drive IF you like the softer, comfortable type of ride. Those that like sporty rides will be disappointed. However, since you are coming from a Buick, you will certainly feel at home with the Amanti.

I feel KIA is a very talented company -in the sense that they can produce small, inexpensive cars, yet they can also build a high quality automobiles that very few (if any) people have complained about -that they would never buy again.

As you mentioned about your Sorento, the biggest fault is the MPG. It should be better. Still, the next time I buy a car, I'm certain it will be a future Amanti, (unless they do something really stupid with it's visual styling!).

Good luck and I hope you choose an Amanti for yourselves!!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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