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Anybody miss me? I havent been on here in a long time. I see Spectra Dave bought a promotion to lifetime member super moderator status!

My car is finally finished after all these years. It was a struggle, but I think there is light at the end of the Rio tunnel. After removing the debris sucked into the #1 cylinder from the intake, I had a brake line fail. Well of course it cant be just ONE thing go wrong, the master cylinder crapped out at the same time! I walked away and finally got a new MC. Those things are EXPENSIVE for these cars!! Swapped reservoirs since the one I got had a different connector on the level switch, bolted it in and got a nice hard pedal. Woohoo!!

Windshield relacement and interior cleaning are all thats left. I pulled out my title today so I can get plates and drive it a bit before selling it.

My original intention was a quick repair and sell. It turned into a slooooooow repair! (ouch! Six years!)

Hey, I also have some leftover parts. I know its typically not allowed to post FS items but since these parts are for an 01 rio I might get away with it. Complete intake manifold. Cams, cam sprockets, valve cover, some use but still straight valves, and lifters. If you need any of these, please send an email, since I dont pop in to get PM's.

Good luck with your cars and do your best to keep them running.

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