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2007 Kia Rio5, manual, roll up windows. 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4, 5.9L V8
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I had a 1999 Sportage 2 door forever, but I traded it for a Dodge 4x4 p/u. My wife has had a 2007 Rio 5 since new. I got bored with my truck already so I've begun to mod the RIO.

I took it out on a track day at Buttonwillow, discovered that it does have a bit of potential, but the brakes fade REAL bad, and the rear end flops around a bit more than I like...

Here's what I've done;
  • New Sachs clutch assembly
  • Cat-back 2" pipe, dynomax bullet silencer 12", cherry bomb turbo muffler, turn-down tip (not visible from outside)
  • K&N drop in replacement air filter, removed silencer/snorkle
  • full synthetic oil using Bosch filter (not HP, but real good!)

Here's what I've bought
  • rear sway bar
  • front strut tower bar
  • dimpled and slotted front rotors & ceramic pads

Here's what I want to buy
  • lower member cross bar
  • 15" ultra light wheels
  • 205/50-15 DOT legal race tires (toyo)
  • performance camshafts
  • custom ECU tune

EDIT: I forgot to ask, if anyone has any ideas to improve/decrease the roll in these cars I'd be interested to hear!

Also, if ANYONE has installed a set of aftermarket cams, I would be REAL interested to hear about that.

2009 Rio5 :)
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To decrease the roll just lower and stiffen. I saw a Rio (sedan) with 6 anti roll bars, a 1.5 inch drop, and 215zr45/17's pull a 1.28 on the skid pad.

Now as a Rio 5 driver myself I know we won't do that, but I am running a 1.5 inch drop, I put the battery in the spare tire compartment, and have 205r45/16's on mine though I run 245's on the front track days.

As for cams.... no dice here. I have tried to get Comp Cams to get me a custom grind, then I contacted Colt Cams. I am still in talks with Colt so hopefully I can get something done there.

I have a beast of a car with ~$3500 in head work, yet still using stock cam. Really sucks.

I know a guy in San Antonio Texas that is beta testing a new ECU build with a lot of our Texas chapter guys. So far the numbers are pretty impressive 17% Average gain hp and 20% torque throughout with the biggest gains coming at low RPM's <3,000. Hopefully he can refine this further.

He does have a working double ECU piggy back system that works great, and there is always mega squirt, but I would probably wait for the final ECU version. It should be close to completion.

Found this in a forum. it's a cam regrind, seem way to expensive for not much, but I thought I would show it to you.

Cam Re-Grind
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