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You’ve heard, and in fact, may have used an aftermarket (“factory integrated”) system that claims to integrate with the vehicle’s factory components and features.
Our Unavi is firmly in a class of it’s own, class leading in-dash system, factory fitment and quality at it’s best and OEM integration are just a few of the key features for this new evolution of automotive navigation systems.

But don’t take our word for it – try them out for yourself, compare Unavi to the factory-installed navigation system and other aftermarket brands, and impress other drivers.
If you want to be known as the best of the best, use the best of the best OEM-Integrated Multi-Navigation System.

Why spend the extra $2,500 - $5,000 for a Navigation Package, or possibly having to upgrade to a higher trim level to even get the option to add a navigation system for your vehicle?
This is where Unavi comes in with the solution you’re looking for.

*We Are The Manufacturer
Serving North America since 2009...
All product and support are based in California and headquartered in Korea.
Fully staffed and trained tech support on stand-by for your needs. Always in stock, ready to ship.

*Nationwide Dealer Network
Experience Unavi’s worry-free installation, repair and technical assistance by the industry’s professionals.

*Hassle-Free Warranty
3-year manufacturer’s warranty comes with an advance exchange program.
If there is a problem you aren’t left with a hole in your dash while waiting for repairs.

*Cutting-Edge Design
High-quality LCD and components engineered for OEM fit and finish.
All testing and R&D maintains a thorough process in Korea and the U.S. as it releases products to our valued customer base.
Unavi is anxious to be on the leading edge of technology.

Preloaded maps of North America developed by Hyundai’s map software company.
An optional 3D map is expected to be released when all bugs are worked out during the testing phase and we are confident of its quality and features.
Currently, many 3D maps are still at a state where it lacks three-dimensional building structures even in large cities. We strive to provide the best experience for our users!

*Proven Stability
Equipped with (800MHz)CPU used in Hyundai/Kia OEM navigation system.
Price is not the factor - Our CPU costs more than the 2GB CPUs equipped in other manufacturers' system.
Since Unavi offers a three-year warranty and caters to dealerships, it is crucial that our products meet certain level of OEM standards and qualifications for safety and durability with extra bells and whistles.
Fully certified, complies with FCC/KCCC and registered member of Bluetooth SIG.

Compare & Contrast with competitive products

• Standard 1-year warranty with no advance exchange options (always ask about their warranty)

• Radio replacement type, may lose some or all factory features and pay extra for satellite radio, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity and steering wheel control adapter harness

• Most units are made in China with inferior parts (actually makes sound quality worse)

• Limited inventory – they get them from the manufacturer on a per basis order

• Limited to no tech support/customer service; no presence in the U.S. or in the aftermarket industry

• Product still in development and/or not ready for shipping

• We never want our customers to be the “guinea pig” for products being introduced

• When it comes to factory integration on Korean vehicles, no one does it better

Please feel free to post any questions and comments :)
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