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2004.5 Kia Spectra, 2000 Ford Focus ZX3 (custom)
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My Wife's 2004.5 Spectra with 140,000 miles, is do for a smog so we can renew the cars license.

So two questions;
1. Where can I find the fuel filter?
2. What other items should I replace besides the usual. Like oil and filter, air filter, fuel filter.
2.B Spark plugs? What kind.
2.C Spark plug Wires?

What I will be changing out the oil with is Royal Purple. I have started using this after the factory warranty was done. Also we are using a K&N air filter, and I will get that cleaned too.

Thank you

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Hi from DavesSpectra!

I am lead to believe that in California you can't get OBDII codes read at AutoZone/Advance but if you can... the reader will tell you "IF" you passed polution standards. A reader is avaiable on ebay that works with your laptop (USB or BlueTooth) for around $20 for your info. These codes (if present) will give you info on what may need to be serviced or replaced/repaired.

The fuel filter is IN the gas tank.. Oil change and filter is a good move..

Does the K&N filter even meet Ca's emission standards?
The K&N filter does not clean the incoming air nearly as well as the original paper pleated filter and box and can/will allow oil to be sucked into the engine throwing off the poution readings... Make sure the filter has been allowed to drain/dry the recommended period of time from K&N.
This filter allows more air but it also allows more dirt into the engine...

The plugs "should" be NGK brand and check the gap of them EVEN if they are pre-gapped as they gap them for 90% of the cars an yours may be the 10%. KIAs do not like "special" spark plugs an WILL throw codes. So will worn out plugs.
If the wires are not causing problems now...I'd leave them alone...

Inside the throttle body there is a device called the IAC (intake idle control) valve ...(follow the large rubber hose to the aluminum housing (throttle body). There is a "butterfly" valve (metal disk) that moves to "control" the idle speed of the car. The insides of this part gets built up with carbon causing the disk to stick and poor idle and bad emissions... Clean only with carborator/choke cleaner and a tooth brush (or Q-Tip swabs).

At 140k miles you may be getting close to failing Catalytic converters and they are special for California ONLY. The O2 sensors may be on their way out also...
Do you have service records from the servicing dealer(s) as these may tell you what has been serviced in the past.

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