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when driving at night and I turn on the AC (for defrosting) the lights dim, I sitll ahve the stock battery on my Kia Sephia 2000 LS. I have done the following to the car:

Upgraded power and ground cables for the battery (which solved alot of problems and made the dimming less)

Made my own custom engine grounding kit (which made the dimming even less)

those two mods above helped redice the parasitic effects fo the AC (I have done other mods but thats not the point)

My ALT is fine, I ahve new belts on there, they are tighened to the proper torque, I have cleaned the wires and connections, I have cleaned the engine bay, i ahve disconnected and reconnected the lights, I have reset the comptuer, I assume its a battery that I need to change. I just want to make sure thats the problem. Like I said, my ALT is fine, I only run stock accessories with upgraded speakers, no sub, no amp, no extra lights no extra nothing. So the ALT is not the problem.

Any advise would be great. I assume that getting a better battery might help (since I need a new one anyway).
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