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2016 Sorento LX, replace plastic shift knob w/leather shift knob:
2016 2017 2018 KIA Sorento OEM Leather Gear Shift Knob (AT - Left Hand Drive) | eBay

1) Put car in "N"
2) "-" cable off battery
3) Remove Boot. I used two very thin plastic trim tools (thin on the very end but very sturdy and tapered thick to thin), one was very wide and the other one normal. I started on the left and upper and got those loose first, then right side and lower...took a good amount of pressure to finally get them to pop, you will hear a click after each tab comes free, but it left no scars.
4) With boot removed, push in on shift-lever silver button and tightly grasp shift-knob and pull straight up firmly
5) Now the tricky part, on inside, pull leather back to expose boot snap-in connection. Do not try to remove the round leather part where it adheres with small glue spots, that is connected to the boot side, not the shift knob. You will see a guide side which will only allow the boot to go on one way (long guide), and then two fasteners opposite one another. Get help or two very small thin screwdrivers and pry the tabs apart CAREFULLY (don't bend back and break). This is not easy for one person due to the prying action needing to happen simultaneously while at the same time using your fingers to slide up into the outside of the boot while exerting pressure to separate boot from shift knob stem. Put existing leather boot onto new leather shift boot and make sure the two tabs lock in, I had to lightly force the 2nd to snap in, as the first one did with no problem.
6) replace knob in reverse sequence
7) Test shifting to all positions and back to PARK. Also, apply some additional direct downward pressure to make sure shift knob is all the way down. If it is slightly higher than it should be, you will not be able to achieve PARK position and keys will be frozen into ignition.
Links to diagrams:

Below Pics: The black & white arrows are what have to be simultaneously pried out a bit with a screwdriver and then you separate the shift-knob from the boot. The red arrow is just the guide (knob can only go on one way). Sorry for being a bit blurry on 2nd close-up pic.


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