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Selling My Sorento (uk) Xs Auto Diesel

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I am selling my Sorento XS Auto 2.5 Diesel, tinted windows, removable towbar (dual electrics), side bars - can also sell the 'small' trailer (for your DIY work *grin*). 2004 model, no extras to add as it has everything. 2100 miles on the clock. Never gone offroad. If you are interested email [email protected]

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Because the diesel engine, even with the tuning kit is no good. The car is otherwise great, may buy one when the new engine arrives in 2006.
Sorry, was sold on the June 21st. Got a Saab 95 Aero instead :)
Originally posted by ASCIO@Jun 21 2005, 03:53 PM
Got a Saab 95 Aero instead :)
Been a saab fan for sometime!
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