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Sedona Towing ?

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:) Hi everyone, nice to know there are as many Kia people out there. My wife and myself are shortly to become proud owners of a 2004 model Sedona 2.9 CRD Le Automatic, we have been caravanners for the last 20 years, we also plan to buy a Lunar Lexon twin axle caravan rated at 1600kgs fully laden, I note with interest the Sedona is quoted as being able to tow 2000kgs, has anyone any idea how the auto box will cope pulling 1600kgs? I dont think the van will ever be loaded up to the full capacity, I think 1450 to 1500 kgs would be a more realistic figure. Iwould be grateful if any other Forum members have any comments or answers to the above query, Thanks a lot.
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Yep - I tow the Elddis Superstorm fully laden (1800Kg) with 2001 Sedona Auto 2.9TDi SX - First time I've been confident in the car's ability.
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