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Sedona 2.9 crdi LE
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I have 2 of these Second Item Down
They are a semi permanent arrangement but I originally bought them for my previous car where the roof bars could be detached all in one with the bike racks attached.

They will fit on the Sedona bars and are attached using three u bolts and six lock nuts which take a good 1/2 hour to assemble but as the bars on the Sedona are a permanent fixture its a case of once fitted leave in place.

I dont want the extra drag and associated noise on the roof when the bikes are not on there so I have opted to not fit them. I am planning, when the weather permits to see if the roof bars from my old car will fit, which are a quick release type for roof rails, and not using the Sedonas for this application.

If anyone knows of a method of getting the Sedonas roof bars off with bike racks bolted to them I would be interested.

Edited to say I have just seen the same bike racks as above in Decathlon sports store for £6.95 each.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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