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I am a bad luck sedona owner. I have a 2002 sedona LX since late 2002, since the first week, I discovered a spot on the back door was rough when I touch it, more obivious when I slide my hand across that section, I went to dealer where I purchased it which is about 70mi from my home, but they did not fix it, and the worst was they did not even type it. A year later, I discovered another spot on the roof and passenger side door happened the samething. The worst part is the passenger side door, it look like fading and white color appearing. I went to El Monte Kia, they find a neighbor body shop to check and they said it was overspray, I said I never have any body work done before, but they don't want any argument, their word is final, I called Kia office and they said the samething El Monte kia is the final decision maker. Then I went to Whittier Kia, this time they took pictures and call corp people to see it, but the final word was corporate office decline that is defective by manufacture. The Van was in garage all the time and only have 21000mi, was every 2 -3 week and wax with zymol wax every 3-4month by myself.

I was happy with the van, good value, good price, nice mechanical, but I contact with dealer several times, and their services was far and far away from toyota, no shuttle available, no weekend service, 7:30am until 5:30PM, take long time to order parts, take long time to service and repair their car, dealer is closing more than open, a lot of common parts are not in stock. At this time, I really wouldn't recommend anyone to buy Kia due to their dealer service, my impression is even they offer 10yr/100K warranty, but since they don't admit they have any problem, warranty is useless.
I am not the people who own other brand but complain about Kia, I own a 2002 sedona LX and 2004 RIO, I am consider a loyal customer to them, but I am very disappoint with them so I will not recommend any Kia to my friend or others.

BTW, El Monte Kia is about 10 mi from my home, whitter kia is 17mi from my home, I have to wake up very early to get their so my co-work can take me to work.
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