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I have a 2002 Kia Sedona. Me and my wife decided to goto the store for a midnight snack and normal crank and what not. Came back out the store, tried to crank her up, and she would not crank. I poped the hood and smelt electrical on the driver side. A nice man tried to jump us off and she still would not crank. All you hear is the starter clicking.

I am a amature mechinic, self taugh ect ect.

Took off the starter, took it to auto zone and had it tested. The starter worked perfectly fine. Took the battery to auto zone, fully charged with 715 out of 500 cold crank amps.

I have lights inside and out (Headlights) my horn works while lights are on. I am at a loss for this issue.

Also we checked the connections to the starter everything is nice and snug.

any help on this would be nice, as we need this car back up and running asap
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