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Hello again

I have a 53 Sedona 2.9 CRDi which has been a nightmare compared to my 03 one. A metallic grumbling started from the gearbox (area) and through the information on this forum we decided to investigate further.

Symptoms were metallic grinding when in low gears and a drumming noise in high gears around the 60 mark which sounded like a wheel bearing.

As soon as the clutch goes in the noise ceases. We decided it must be the clutch release bearing so ordered a clutch at the same time as the car is sitting at around 79K.

When the gearbox was removed (while in situ) thanks to this forum it turned out that the spigot bearing was at the end of its life so we changed that too. £44 from Kia or £3 from a local supplier as it is a standard bearing size.

All back together and the noise is still the same, meaning it is inside the gearbox. It sounds like a failed roller bearing so a quick word to a main dealership and the part is £2.35 plus VAT as there only appears to be a single bearing in the gearbox.

I have a couple of questions

1 Is this bearing a standard size and if so what size and spec
2.Does anyone have a diagram of how simple it is to change this bearing (or not)
3. Are there any other parts in the gearbox that regularly need changed.

When the noise came originally, there was no metal in the gearbox oil. After we changed it at the clutch change, there are no chunks but a very fine metallicy sheen in the oil meaning something is losing metal.

All contributions gratefully received

Thanks in advance

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