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I wonder if anyone can advise please.

I recently ordered a cargo net for the sedona (part no. K0BZ168010).
What came was something different than shown on the Kia Website, i.e. a net bag with top left/right hanging hooks only (plus fixing hooks) and not the barrier cargo net I had expected.

Whislt, at a stretch, it does fit there are no fixing loops at the bottom of the net cargo bag and I'm not happy to put so much tension on the net (esp. as there is a warning tag stating not to overstretch it).

Having spoken to a sales guy at the showroom and shown him, he agreed that the net cargo bag wasn't the right, took it back and ordered me a new one, etc.
I've heard back from him today and the new net ordered is exactly the same as the old one. He has tried it out on a sedona in the showroom (tight fit, hanging cargo net bag, no bottom fixing loops) and he has even agreed that the net looks better in the picanto!

Has anyone actually got a sedona cargo net?
Is it a barrier net (with top/bottom, left/right hanging loops or is it a hanging net bag?
If it is a barrier net - can you help with a part no.?

Looking again at the website, it looks like a barrier net to me but then again, photos can be a bit deceptive sometimes.

Grateful for any help!
Cheers guys and gals :)

:) smiles over the miles :)

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I have a cargo net I bought through Ebay. It's OEM and has loops top and bottom right and left that attach to the pegs at the rear of the cargo area.

The net allows stuff to be placed inside it to keep from moving in the back of the Van.

Hope this helps! :)

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