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Security System Driving Me Nuts

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Hello all, new member here. I just purchased two 2005 Kia Sorentos, ones an EX and the other an LX. The security system in the EX is driving me nuts and I was hoping some of you could help me address the problem. The security system is very sensitive, so sensitive that once set it will beep if a somewhat loud car passes by the Kia. If you touch the door handle the horn beeps. If somone walks by the vehicle the horn beeps. Many times I'd park the vehicle in a parking lot and while walking to the store I could hear the horn beeping intermittenly. The horn doesn't beep continously, just enough to be annoying. Does anyone know if the sensitivity can be adjusted? Thanks.
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Welcome to the site. :)
I would think your dealer might be able to do something make it less sensitive. That sounds like it is way too sensitive. Contact your dealer to see what they can do.
Thanks for your welcome; this is a very nice and informatve site. I'll end up taking it to the dealer but wanted to first check to see if anyone else had a similiar problem. I'm new to Kia's so I'm learning as I go.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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