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2012 Kia Sportage EX, 2015 Kia Optima EX, both black
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I bought my '05 in 2007 with 29,000 miles for $7500 from a kia dealership. I have a black one with ZERO options, its a manual with NO power anything (AC, steering, windows, locks, etc)

I don't drive a lot, so I'm only up to 82000 now I think. The last 5,000 or so I've had the check engine light show up once in a while then go away - usually after using techron or seafoam in the gas tank it would go away for a while. Well, while reading the seafoam can after the last time it hesitated a little when heading to work and seeing the check engine go on I saw that you don't only put it in the gas and oil (prior to a change), you can also directly inject it into the engine. So I spent a few days watching very funny youtube videos and so I did it. Had a friend show up and we used a small funnel and the break assist air hose to pour a half can into the engine. Had to do it twice the first time it stalled to early not gassing it enough, the second time we got about 1/3 can in and then he dumped enough at the end to stall it. Let it sit for 15 minutes then fired it up - definitely not as much smoke as some videos I saw, it was an OK amount of smoke but I was disappointed, and it smoked for about the length of the block once I tooled around town for a few miles to get the rest out.
Now, engine light has been off, and it seems more peppy and no hesitation yet. Its been 4 days and about 120 miles since.
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