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Soul Plus 2012
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Hi, I have read reports from the guys that do the car write ups that one of the down sides to the Soul is that the cheap plastic interior scratches very easily.
I thought well they have to have something to pick on, but they are right, mine 2+ has marks on the door glove box and the side of the consoles.both my wife and I are care full senior people and the car has had no passengers.
Over 40years I have had many cars,vans and 4x4s. and never experienced this, the trim coloring has no depth! I have tied to hide these marks with a colored ink pen, shoe polish, Arma All and the last product silicone spray. The plastic is now shiny and does not squeak but I can still see the white scuff and scratch marks.
Any suggestions, the color is grey.^_^
regards Peter
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