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Schaumburg, IL Kia manager's many illegal tactics !!!

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First of all, these are facts not opinions. I have the original hard copy evidence, a pre-approved audio recording, items in the manager's own handwriting, and about 6 witnesses to back me up.
1. I Negotiated not to pay a $300 fee but finance mgr added it and more IN PENCIL to the typed receipt without my knowledge. General manager refused to correct the illegal document change.
2. He reduced price about $1824.00 in front of 7 witnesses then went back on his word.
3. When I asked for an explanation he threatened to call the police. What was he nervous about?
4. He showed me a FAKE RECEIPT he sent to the BBB and Illinois Attorney General Consumer Fraud Bureau. I spotted about 16 ways to tell his receipt isn't a copy of mine.
5. He LIED to both agencies about me personally..
6. He F O R G E D M Y S I G N A T U R E on the fake receipts sent to these agencies and put his signature on them (thank you.)
7. He owes me $2,124. Not a small claims court amount.
I did my homework and we agreed on a price then he just adds it all back so the new total is more than if I had never negotiated in the first place. Changing a document, faking documents, lying about price, slander, forgery. How can a business do so many illegal things and get away with it?

To back up what I said, I've attached some of the paperwork with comments, questions and the confusing math full of hidden numbers that move around. I point out what I said in the original post. I did not include communications with the BBB or Attorney General but I will say Mr. Perez tried to make me look like a fool. His explanations of every step of the dealings were wrong in his one letter to the BBB. They sent it to me so I'm not guessing. There are a lot of comments on the fake receipt in which I point out all the differences between it and my original. You'll have to take my word that the signature on the fake receipt is unlike mine in multiple ways. He continues to avoid answering the questions I've asked and still refuses to correct anything, even when it disagrees with what he said and wrote in front of witnesses. Please excuse the confusion of the negotiation pages, I was trying to figure out how to add up numbers which weren't displayed & were hidden along with others in undefined totals. I just wanted an explanation but Perez claimed I came in demanding money. I never demanded anything. I calmly asked for an explanation of where the negotiated figures had disappeared to. He was the one acting unreasonable & uncooperative. One of his lies was that we'd met and he discussed things with me (paraphrased) when actually none of that ever happened. He makes it look like he's cooperating when he was, and is, actively refusing to face the issues. I caught him cheating and he keeps hoping the facts will go away. The actual receipt is first. The fake is second.

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Ok, initials removed. Original finance mgr disappeared right after this happened so he's not there. The new finance mgr was only brought in temporarily for me to interview. Another mgr I didn't even mention.
I'll get the copies together. They should be post-able. Probably tomorrow.
Yes, this pertains to the car I have now. I drove an '89 Trans Am for over 30 years & loved it. Same engine, transmission, no oil leaks, 5L V8 tuned port injection. Then one day a guy wanted to buy it & suddenly I'm without a car. I hadn't looked at any for half my life & they'd changed. I didn't see anything I liked. This was the most comfortable and had the least amount of extra stuff I didn't want. Unfortunately it is missing lots of things I did want but it was relatively cheap. Needless to say I hadn't heard of the associated problems. It's not worth adding the things I liked like temperature & pressure gauges I relied on instead of idiot lights, a true automatic transmission & a cable operated throttle. I've had it 3 years, 10800 miles and I'm just starting to get used to it. I'd like my TA back, but after half a lifetime it needed more work than I could give it. It has a good home with someone who's going to give it to his kid in 8 yrs or so. In high school I had a '70 Cuda, 440 cu in, 4 bbl carb, drank gas like soda pop. About 35 cents/gal then as I recall.. Those muscle cars were something else.
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I was told by the mysteriously vanishing finance mgr that it was for the agreed upon price but didn't learn the truth until a few days later, after cancer surgery and its quarantine, then Covid quarantine, then diagnosis for 2 more cancers I'm still being treated for. I think hard copy evidence, audio recordings, witnesses, all trump word of mouth. I said at the start this is not opinion, I have hard copies of the facts.. I have more documentation than presented here but that would be for lawyers to go over. I'm not afraid of being sued by saying this, Perez is the one with more to lose. I want to see how he justifies altering documents and forging my signature and slandering me to get authorities off his back. I say bring it on. Perez has demonstrated his arrogance by laughing in my face at our only meeting, lack of belief in my cancer, arrogantly sending fake documents to authorities with fake descriptions of what I was asking for and how I went about it to make me look unreasonable, wanting to have the police remove me for asking a question, all the while lying about how reasonable he was being. His convoluted attempts to make the deal look legitimate with a fake receipt and forged signature sure make him look like he's worried about the truth getting out. His actions make me believe I have a case.
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