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Sat Nav (in-car Navigation) Installation

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I am thinking of replacing my standard radio with a Blaupunkt E1 sat nav system and 6 cd in-dash cd changer.

Installing it seems reasonably straight forward, except that it must be connected to the speedometer.

I've downloaded the fitting instructions from the Blaupunkt website, but it doesn't easily explain how you connect it up. I've also spoken with Blaupunkt customer services, who advised me that there is a black 20 way connector under the dash near the steering wheel, with a white cable at position 13.

Alternatively, there is 14 way connector behind the instrument panel, with a black and white cable at pin 14.

However, they cannot verify that this is accurate information

Does anyone know if this is correct, and how easy they are to locate?

In addition to this, I have spoken with KIA UK, but to no avail. I've even spoken to several auto-electricians who are reluctant to install it for me.

The only safe option is to buy it from somewhere like Halfords. However, to buy and install it will cost me upwards of £700.00!!

I can get a system from Ebay for just over £100.00. So £600.00 seems an awful lot of money just to effectively pay for installation.

Finally, if I can get one installed, I'm reluctant to put the antenna on the roof or the dash. Will the signal be strong enough if I hid it under the dash out of sight?

Any help with this will be very greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
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Sorry can't help with the speedo connection but,

I have a mobile Sat Nav in my Sedona it is a Navman 630. It gets its power from the cigar lighter and uses a windscreen sucker mount. I am well happy with it. :D

With regards to your antenna you must have it in full view of the sky (in the windscreen) in order to track the satellites, up to 12 of the little blighters out there. You cannot hide it under the dash it simply wont work. :57:

Why does it need a speedo connection? My unit calculates speed from the movement of the vehicle against the satellites through the antenna. This is the same for all mobile and hand held units and is more accurate than the cars speedo. My Sedona actually shows 33mph when the sat Nav says 30mph :thumbsup:

Thanks for your reply,

I've no idea why the DIN Sat Navs requires connection to the speed pulse or reversing system. However, the new Blaupunkt Freestyler appears to use gyro-scopes so these connections are not required.

I've also been able to source a stalk adapter and interface so I should also retain my steering wheel controls. Please refer to my other post for more information and prices.

I just need some much appreciated advice now on feeding the antenna cable between the windscreen and dash as there doesn't appear to be any room.

Thanks for taking the time to look and post.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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