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If anywone is interested I have a 2.9 CRDi 16V engine for sale. I have placed it on ebay for now but if any member wants to make an offer through here I am happy to listen. The ebay page explains more about the engine but I will explain here as well.

Around 38000 miles the engine started to make a loud knocking noise. Kia diagnosed the fault as worn big end bearings and the recommended replacement was a new engine.

What I have for sale is basically the block and head. I don't have the fuel pump, turbo, manifolds etc.. I do have 4 injectors, some pipeing and the dipstick. The bottom end and oil pump have been stripped down but not put back together.

There are some pictures on the ebay page.

Kia Sedona 2.9CRDi Engine Spares Or Repair on eBay, also, Kia, Car Parts, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 09-Apr-08 21:26:07 BST)

The engine is from a 53 plate vehicle.

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