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2005 Kia Picanto
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hi guys,

im going to install SAFC to my Pica, the probs is, no worksyop can do that due to the lack info on diagram of the ecu..
anyone here have an experience in doing so please provide me some info on how to wiring that, at least in picture or documentation or whatever material that can help me along. actually what i really2 need is this:
1. SAFC Red Wire (power). actually the Picanto's ecu have a few red wire, the one i try to find is the red wire that provide 12V power
2. SAFC Green Wire (RPM Signal). this is the most trouble wire that i try to find. dont know which one is the wire that carry RPM signal to the ECU, i mean what color of the wire? is that yellow?
3. SAFC Gray Wire (throttle position). is brown wire ECU which that carry data for Throttle position?
4. SAFC Brown Wire (ground1). this should be connect with Black wire from ECU right?
5. SAFC Black Wire (ground2). this one also should be connected to Black Wire from ECU as far as a i know.
6. SAFC Yellow Wire (Air Flow / Pressure Signal Out Put). is that Blue wire which carry the data from MAP sensor?
7. SAFC white Wire (AF / PS In Put). same as above..

whoever knew and have done this before to their Pica please provide me some info, im afraid that hot wiring this stuff will blow my ECU in some ways. Picture of how u guys wiring it really2 appreciated, and i can pay u if u guys can provide me the actual diagram.. thanx in advance
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